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Miami-based Colombian artist makes her indie return with a hauntingly beautiful album

                                                         - Dani Diaz, Music Today Post

Photo By: Carlos Zamudio

Born in the coffee region from Colombia. She has recorded more that 9 albums with more than 60,000 thousand copies sold. Since her early childhood, when she was about 11 years old, she started her musical career by forming a duet called “Sombra y Luz”, where she was the first voice and the Tiple player, to sing and play the Colombian traditional music of the region known as Andean Colombia, establishing very strong ties with the folklore music of Colombia and all of South America. The duet “Sombra y Luz” recorded four disco-graphic works and was given first prizes in all of the most important music festivals of the country, including the “Mono Nuñez Festival”, the most important one, where Luz Angela also received the prize for “Vocal Soloist”.


As Tiple player Luz Angela created the “Colombita String Trio”, which after recording a musical work based on Colombian themes, undertook a concert visit to several Central American countries, including their participation as special guests in the International Guitar Festival in San José, Costa Rica.


As soloist Luz Angela started her activities in 2000, when she did her first international group of presentations in the United States, being heard at “Kennedy Center” in Washington, “Rutgers University” in New Jersey and “George Town University” in Washington. At about the same time she was invited to give a concert in Habana, Cuba, as part of the “Habana Guitar Festival”, honoring the World famous Classical Guitar Masters Pepe Romero, John Williams, and Leo Brouwer.


Her passion for Sound Engineering and Musical Production made Luz Angela move to Miami, USA, where the famous producer Emilio Este_ fan chose her to work as producer and arranger in his Study “Crescent Moon”; while there she did parts of the singing and the whole of the Tiple playing for the song “See With Your Heart”, the English version of the song in Spanish “Ve Mas Allá”, sung by Gloria Estefan and given as a companion disc to her book “Las Aventuras de Noel”. This experience at “Crescent Moon” motivated Luz Angela to further study her favorite fields of Musical Production and Sound Engineering and she entered “Miami Dade College” to fulfill that desire.


Among the prizes and mentions received by Luz Angela that must be considered, the following two should be mentioned: a First Place in composition at Miami Dade College for her song “I Will Give Life To You”, and the fact that she was chosen among singers of all America to represent the whole of this continent in the “Benidorm” (Spain) Festival, which she did singing compositions written by herself.


Oficially registered as living in the City Of Miami, Luz Angela opened there her own Recording Studio and her Editorial Company “Light Angel Studios, Inc”. Both companies did their part in musicalizing the DVDs by Walter Mercado called “The Marvelous Recipes of Walter Mercado”, and also did the same for the collection of DVD’s for the

Project called “ZUMBA FITNESS”, of which more than 1 million copies per project per year have been sold in the last two years. These two companies created by Luz Angela have also worked for other independent artists as well.


Luz Angela undertook her first world tour of Asia, called “San BlasTour”, including 39 concerts in 36 cities of Japan and Taiwan. This is a thematic Show combining rhythms of the coastal cities of Panama and Colombia, requiring 7 musicians, and involving dances, folklore, jazz, and for the first time, the Colombian strings instrument called Tiple.


At the Medellin City Metropolitan Theater the world’s acclaimed classical guitarist Pepe Romero invited Luz Angela to sing, accompanied by himself in the guitar, the world’s premiere of “En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor”, based on the second movement of “Concierto de Aranjuez” and written by Maestro Joaquin Rodrigo’s wife.


Luz Angela Jimenez has completed musical studies in “Musical Education” and “Sound Engineering” at Miami Dade College, and of “Musical Theater” at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. She has also attended magister classes of singing in Habana, Cuba, given by the well known teacher Digna Guerra, and at the Florida Atlantic University at Boca Raton those given by the teacher Susan Dorchin.

She has also attended classes of Guitar playing with Maestro Pepe Romero and with Marco Linares.


Luz Angela completed studies of “Business Administration” at the Central University of Bogota, Colombia, and at this moment is the music director of the “Christ Life Center” band in Miami, Florida.


To this day Luz Angela has taken part as soloist in 5 recording works which are:


  1. “Por Los Derechos De Los Niños”, a CD of music of the Andean regions of Colombia, made to start a countrywide campaign to help in spreading “Boys and Girls Human Rights”.

  2. “Light”, the first work with only songs written by Luz Angela, and coproduced by the Grammy winner Marco Linares. Also taking part in this work are well known international artists like Vitin Paz, who played his trumpet for Frank Sinatra and Mario Bauzá.

  3. “San Blas”, album with music of the regions bordering Panama and Colombia’s seas, which was part of the “San Blas Tour”, and also coproduced with Marco Linares.

  4. “The Benidorm’s Festival Winners”, done in 2007.

  5. “Vela de Plata” most recent 2017, produced by Grammy winner Jose Negroni, featuring artist like Grammy winner Donato Poveda, Maestro Ed Calle, Maestro Litto Nebia, Marco Linares, Negronis ´Trio, Juan Ernesto Laya, Ramses Colon among others.


Luz Angela is now producing her first album in English and Spanish with material of her own and famous covers songs from all America.   

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